1. Check-in will take place from 12:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
  2. In case of arriving later than 6:00 pm, notify the hostel.
  3. The departure of the guests will take place at the latest at 10:00 a.m. the next day.
  4. To check in, you must present an identity document with photo, driver’s license or passport. Citizens from outside the EU only with a passport.
  5. In the case of groups of minors must be accompanied by adults. For adults over six years of age, one adult person for every twenty children. If they are children of six years or less, they must be accompanied by one adult for every ten children.The cost of accommodation includes: Mattress and pillow cover, use of lockers and plugs, hot water in showers and sinks, dining room, washing machine, dryer and shoe rack, access to the living room, games, WIFI, computers with Internet access and printing of the boarding pass.
  6. All prices include VAT.
  7. Payment will be made at the time of entry to the hostel. In the case of having made an advance, it will be discounted at that moment. Payment in cash or by credit card is accepted.
  8. Pets are not allowed.
  9. You must respect the order and distribution of furniture and other furnishings in the living room.
  10. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use all types of devices that may entail an electrical or fire risk. Are exempt from this prohibition the chargers of electronic devices such as mobiles, tablets, cameras … For them use the plug of the box office that we assign you.
  11. In the case of an emergency you can contact us at the hostel phone 640 37 72 56.
  12. In case of fire, notify our staff and go outside. If the severity requires it, call the emergency service 112.
  1. To request accommodation you must be of legal age. If you are a minor, you must have the corresponding authorization. The individual who makes the reservation or the representative, if it is a group, will provide the name and surname, DNI, full address, contact telephone number and e-mail.
  2. The reservation will only be effective, when, after receiving the request for it, the Hostel La Quintana will confirm via e-mail the availability of the selected accommodation, on the chosen dates.
  3. The La Quintana Hostel is committed to answering reservation requests within a maximum period of 24 hours. If your reservation request is confirmed by Albergue La Quintana, we will send you a detailed calculation of the cost of the reservation.
  4. It will be paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival at the hostel.
  5. If the Hostel La Quintana does not respond to your reservation request within a maximum of 3 days of receipt of the same, by means of which is recorded, the reservation will be deemed not accepted (Decree 179/2011 of September 8).
  6. If you do not show up to occupy the reserved accommodation before 18:00 hours of the day of the date of entry, without prior notice and negotiation of conditions with the La Quintana Lodge, the reservation will be considered canceled, and therefore, the Lodge La Quintana will freely dispose of the accommodation in question.
  7. The reintegration of the amount of the reservation, after discounting the cancellation expenses if any, will be made within a maximum period of 30 days (Article 14 of Decree 17/2011 of September 8).
  1. The access to the hostel is controlled by a coded lock. At the time of check-in you will be provided with an access code that allows free entry to the hostel from 1:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. From that time until 10:00 the next morning the code stops working. The departure is free at any time. In the case of medical emergencies or other serious problem please contact us to be able to enter the hostel phone number 640 37 72 56.
  2. The main lights of the room are turned off automatically from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am the next day to facilitate rest, although the individual lights of each litter will continue to work. During that time there will be a series of photo luminescent signals to favor your orientation if you have to get up.
  3. The lights of the dining room and corridor are turned off at 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. the next day, with some bright signaling lights remaining on.
  4. The lighting in the bathrooms works 24 hours a day and is activated by motion sensors.
  5. The light in the room and reception is dimmed during the night, but it never goes out.
  1. Respect the schedule of silence, which will be from 23:00 h until 8:00 h, especially in the areas dedicated to rest.
  2. In all areas of the hostel, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED.
  3. The access of people invited to the shelter will be made with the express authorization of the hostel management and in accordance with the instructions expressed.
  4. The hostesses will behave respectfully with the staff and with the rest of the clients, taking responsibility for their actions. The client exempts the owner and those responsible for the hostel from any liability arising from their actions.
  5. In case of disobedience of these rules the tenant or user may be expelled from our facilities and shall be responsible for all economic expenses and liabilities incurred, especially those related to third party claims.
  6. Hostel La Quintana is not responsible for the actions of customers with third parties.
  1. La zona de literas es un espacio para el descanso. El horario de silencio es de 23:00 h a las 8:00h. Respeta las horas de descanso y a tus compañeros/as de habitación e intenta dejar tus pertenencias recogidas. El calzado que utilizaste para venir andando no lo dejes en la habitación, utiliza el armario zapatero del pasillo.
  2. Al entrar en el albergue te asignaremos un nombre de litera y taquilla. Las taquillas están dotadas de una cerradura que funciona con monedas de 1€. Esta moneda se te reintegrará cuando devuelvas la llave. Cuando abandones el albergue debes dejar la taquilla vacía. Si tienes pensado quedarte por la zona y no quieres cargar con tus pertenencias, infórmate en recepción, ya que disponemos de consigna. Albergue La Quintana no se hace responsable de los hurtos y robos en cualquier dependencia del albergue.
  3. Cada taquilla dispone de una toma de corriente para cargar tu móvil o tableta. Asegúrate de dejar dichos aparatos en silencio para evitar ruidos molestos en la habitación, tanto si los dejas en la taquilla como si los utilizas en las literas. Si vas a escuchar música o cualquier otra actividad multimedia que genere ruido utiliza unos auriculares para evitar molestias a otros huéspedes.
  4. Las luces principales de la habitación se apagan a las 22:00 h, si bien continua funcionando la luz individual de cada litera. A partir de esa hora quedan señales foto luminiscentes que te indican la salida.
  5. No está permitido almacenar o consumir alimentos o bebidas en las habitaciones.
  6. No deposites basura en el suelo, ni por las camas. Utiliza las papeleras.
  1. The lodge has two microwaves and a space that you can use to heat the food that you can find in the adjacent establishment or in any other. It also has a refrigerator.
  2. If you have questions about the operation of any appliance or appliance, ask our staff and inform us if something is not working correctly.
  3. If you leave food or drinks in the fridge you should leave them identified with your name and the date of departure from the hostel and you will have to withdraw them when you finish your stay. Drinks and food that are not marked will be removed by the hostel staff. The hostel is not responsible for the deterioration or theft of beverages and food produced within it.
  4. Food consumption will be made in the dining room. In the bedrooms it is not allowed to consume food.
  1. El agua caliente de duchas y lavabos está incluida en el precio. Si ves que hay mucha gente esperando no prolongues demasiado su uso, ya que a nadie le gusta esperar mucho para ducharnos después de una caminata.
  2. Si se acaba el papel higiénico avisa a recepción para reponerlo. No utilices otro tipo de papel en los retretes para evitar atascos y por la misma razón utiliza las papeleras para el resto de la basura. 
  3. La lavadora y secadora está pensada para pequeñas coladas con poco tiempo. Si quieres hacer una colada mayor tenemos servicio de lavandería a precios asequibles. Infórmate en recepción.

The shelter has a small kit for the most common wounds, but not for medical personnel to treat it. In the city and very close to the hostel, there are ambulatory, chiropodist and several pharmacies. Find out in reception.

  1. In the living room you will have games and a small library. Enjoy them and when you finish using them, put them on your site again. All books and games are to be used inside the hostel. Under no circumstances is it possible to take them outside.
  2. We have at your disposal tourist information and interest of the city and the region, that if you can use outside the hostel and take it for your next visit. Also if you want to visit something concrete, perform some activity or organize your tourist day we can help you.The TV is free to use and shared with other people in the room. If you can not find the command, ask for it at reception. Use a reasonable volume level so as not to disturb the rest of the hostesses.
  3. The use of the Wi-Fi network is free. You will find the password at reception.
  1. Receive objective, exact and complete information on each and every one of the conditions of provision of our services.
  2. Obtain all documents that accredit the terms of your contract and, in any case, the corresponding receipts.
  3. Formulate complaints or claims, for which you will have at your disposal the complaint form at reception.
  4. Any other rights that are recognized in the current legislation of application.
  1. Identificarse para hacer el registro de entrada.
  2. Abonar, en el momento del registro de entrada, los precios, que se exhiben públicamente, por la utilización de los servicios y las instalaciones del albergue. 
  3. Respetar lo establecido en el presente reglamento del Albergue La Quintana y las instrucciones que dicte la dirección o el personal del albergue. 
  4. Hacer un buen uso de las instalaciones y de su equipamiento y servicios. 
  5. Comunicar a la plantilla de las instalaciones las anomalías de funcionamiento, roturas y deficiencias que observes. 
  6. Respetar los derechos de las demás personas, especialmente en el uso de instalaciones comunes.
  7. Comportarse correctamente en las instalaciones facilitando en todo momento la labor del personal del albergue y la convivencia con otros/as alberguistas.
  8. Respetar los horarios de apertura y cierre del albergue, atendiendo las indicaciones del personal del albergue este sentido.
  9. Cualesquiera otras obligaciones que se deriven de la legislación vigente o del presente reglamento.